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Mar 7, 2011 10:00pm EST
.her jersey was handed over to her mother and sister. √°number 1√° will never be used again.and a flag with the number and her name "love" flies high in the stadium. "it was uplifting, like honoring yeards in that way pas just great. to have that flag flying over every game wiill be great too. just like looking up there and knowing she's there with us." love was about to graduate when she was found dead last year.her ex-boyfriend --- george huguely--- is accused of killing her. driving keeps getting more expe. expensive..he average cost of a gallon of gas is 3-48 today. its jumped 15 cents in a week......and 39 cents in a month.last year we were paying 2-71 for gas. gas.even after slight drop today...crude oil is selling for almost 105 dollars a barrell...more than 28-percent higher than this time last year.experts blame unrest in lybia for the increase. find the best gas prices in your neighborhood...go to fox- baltimore dot com slash pump patrol a proposal to make gas cost even more in maryland has small businesses very worried... kathleen cairns fighh a possible increase in the
Mar 28, 2011 10:00pm EDT
, theetransporation dept. to build ublic trust and when things likeethis happen, it takes us a long time to recover but i think at tte end of the end you have to have faith in this city's ability to police itself." itself." guglielmi.../// says.../ several...// workers.../ scattered.../ when... agents...// arrived...//// those.../ arrests.../// raase.../ questions.../// about.../ who.../ the... city's.../ emppoying....//// employing....////one of the workers arrested friday... was arrested more than half a dozen times beforetonight... michael buczyner explains why the city never knew about the employee's past..michael? michael?a check of the city'ss employee manual shows a surprising fact... involving disclosure of prior convictions or criminal history. history. arrests and criminal convictions.. for drugs.. .. weapons .... and assault... didn't stop ballimore's department of transportation from hiring six men.. .. busted friday afttrnoon.. for gambling and drinking on he job...sot11:41:04: curran::"as long as it's not serious violent background, i think they deserve an oppo
Feb 28, 2011 10:00pm EST
. crime and justice reporter joy lepola lets us know whether thht cop back on the job tonight. tonight. ((pkg)) sit down...sit down i'm not a dude. a baltimore city police officer... captured berating a skateboarder... putting him in a headlock even pushing him to the ground.(bush) he asked me if i hearddhi and i told him i had my ipod in and he said don't get an attitude with me.. then that's when he went off.." (video) when i'm talking you shut your mouth. more than 1.55million . for the teen's mother ... she's seen enoogh. (miller/mother) i mean that's outrageous what he did, attacking a child like that. when this run-in occurrd... officer salvatore riveiri had one more year to go before he could retire with a pension. a dream dashed.... after a court hearing in downtown baltimore this morning. 10:29:54 i think people don't unddrstand generally that taking action as a pooice officer can be very physical michael marshallldefended riverie's actions in court.10:30:02 the force that was used officer thiins was not that physical. while a disciplinary board determi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3